Is anyone aware of a solution to allow you to take a picture of a business card and then import the details into your contacts?

I've seen a solution for Symbian but haven't been able to track something down for Windows Mobile.... anyone know of such a solution?  Can you drop me an email or post a comment?

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  1. Ian Banyard says:

    How about OneNote 2007? Use the ppc to capture a picture of the card (macromode if possible), then import into OneNote, allow it to OCR (right-click select recognise text..) you can then cut and paste the text……

    I’m sure with some coding a connector app into Outlook to create a contact could be put together………

  2. Richard Kingsley says:


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    I found an excellent program for scanning business cards and automatically OCR’ing the text into your contacts

    uses the back camera to take a picture of the card and then converts text  to correct fields to add to your contacts.

    I think some of the new gigabyte ppc’s have oem version of this software

  3. Yes, there is such software, it is called BCR and it is included with Asus P525 Pocket PC phone, see here (and search for word "card"):

  4. Catrane says:

    Looks like BCR only sells to equipment manufacturers.  That’s a bummer because that’d be some nice software to have.

    Inspired by BCR, I realized recently that it’d be nice to have a similar thing that you could use with credit card and bank card receipts for quicker input into finance software.  The more different places you shop, the more trouble it might have with different layouts, but if you use the same ATM frequently it’d save a lot of time.

  5. m@ says:

    The Samsung i600 also has BCR pre-installed.

    There are a few things which I believe are required before a device can perform OCR… 2mpx with AutoFocus I seem to recall – not sure how my good memory is…

  6. Chris Dury says:

    If you have a 2 megapixel or better cameraphone, you can use scanR by emailing the photo to  We also have a download for WM5 devices but it only does whiteboard scanning, as most WM5 devices currently available only have 1.3 Mpx cameras.  We’ll update the WM5 application once the devices are ready.

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