CNET Reviews t-mobile dash aka excalibur

For those of you desperate to get your hands on the HTC Excalibur or T-Mobile Dash – There is an excellent review with a Video at

The review gives it a very positive 8.0 out of 10.  It calls the device a Q Killer – but why would we want one Windows Mobile device killing another one?  Surely this is about choice, particularly as the Q is only available in the US!

If you want to get hold of an Excalibur – Expansys expect to have stock of the HTC S620 within the next day or so – you can order one HERE

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  1. RabbieBearns says:

    I am sitting with Palm 750v, a Motorola Q and a TMobile Dash right in front of me.  

    With a Cingular 2125 and 8125 in my right hand desk drawer, along with an old JasJar, a KJam, MPX220, MPX and yes even an old Seimans SX56, I ponder my next move.

    I think Im going with the Dash for now!

    I know there will be some big upgrades to the Q when it makes it debut on GSM, but the Dash is just about the most perfect smartphone Ive seen!  My only wish?  3G and HSDPA support!

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