Don’t send personal emails on your crackberry tax man warns…

A few articles have appeared today after HM Revenue & Customs published new guidance on whether PDA/Blackberry devices could be a taxable benefit in the UK.

At present, HM Revenue & Customs will tax anything ‘designed to be used by being connected to or inserted into a computer’ including printers, scanners, modems and even MP3 players'

Blackberries and other 'personal digital assistants' (PDAs) had been exempt from tax because they were used mainly as mobile telephones, but because of the increasing sophistication they have drawn the interest of HMRC.

The articles are really interesting as the government looks to how/if they can tax these devices.

BlackBerry users facing tax threat

Don’t send personal e-mails on your CrackBerry, taxman warns,,2-2401915,00.html


What all these articles seemed to have missed is a bigger issue in that the law actually states that you can only have 1 device exempt from Tax...

'The complete tax exemption for employer-provided mobile phones is to be restricted with effect from 6 April 2006. The exemption will only apply from that date to one mobile phone provided to the employee for private use, and will not apply to phones provided for members of his or her household.'

Interestingly one of my accountant friends pointed this out to me when the new Tax laws came into effect as there is a specific provision around having more than one handheld device and being taxed beyond one device.

Of course most Windows Mobile users only have one device whereas I see lots of Blackberry users with a secondary phone....

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  1. halr9000 says:

    Ok wow.  This gives a new meaning to the Boston Tea Party.  I can totally see the colonials sitting in a Starbucks on the wharf in Boston, typing away on their blackberries.  Then a flash crowd forms (that was advertised on MySpace) and everyone hurls their gadgets into the bay!

    Man, you guys will tax *anything*!

  2. Jason Posted this .. but how crazy are things getting now Source:,,2-2401915,00.html…

  3. No need now for BB users to carry two devices now, this device is awesome!

  4. Worrying if it were true but the Inland Revenue has completely rubbished the suggestion. See the following news report:

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