Windows Mobile DEVICE CENTER BETA 3 for Vista now available!

RC2 of Windows Vista became available a few days ago.  We've also made available the Beta 3 of the Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista.

Windows Mobile Device Center replaces Activesync in Vista and provides a central point for setting up partnerships, configuring your Windows Mobile device and managing content.

This new Beta release also supports Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0 devices (the previous betas only supported Windows Mobile 5.0)

Setting up a Windows Mobile device is really simple with WMDC and through using WMDC for the past few months my two favourite features:

1) The Photo import tool - if you plug in your device you can quickly see how many new photos are on your device and then import them into your My Pictures in a few simple clicks - you can also tag the photos at the same time! 

2) The Auto-Fill feature of Windows Media Player so I can sync a portion of my music library to my storage card for listening to on my Windows Mobile device!

Previously there was a registry hack floating around the Internet to get the WMDC but you can now get the Beta via a simple Download from HERE

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  1. DiegoV says:

    Jason, the question is simple, and I guess expected. What am I supposed to do with my Pocket PC 2002 device? I hope the answer is that it will be supported in a future iteration before RTM 😉

  2. Trevor says:

    Hmm R2 has done for my mobile and my wireless. Pre this I could at least browse files on my phone. The system now sees it but WMDc sees it as not connected and R2 does not even mention it.

    As an added benefit my wireless no longer works with R2. Fortunately I can swap back to the other disk (Rc1) but I hope that Vista is not getting worse rather than better!

  3. anthony says:


    how can we get the standalone device emulator work on Vista RC2?

  4. Deiota says:


    Can you help me install WMDC on my Vista aptop? I have RC2 built 5744 and a HTC Universal WM5.



    andrea_oliv (at) (MSN)

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