Credant mobile guardian 5.2 webcast today

On October 9th Credant announced the latest version of their Mobile Guardian Product which was version 5.2.  Credant let me know today that they have a webcast taking place in the afternoon (European/UK time) today to give an overview of this latest version. Learn how the latest release of CREDANT Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition balances…

T-Mobile germany launch htc artemis

Today T-Mobile Germany launched the HTC Artermis device – you can read their press release in German HERE The guys over at Mobility Today have published some details and photos of the HTC product itself. The device is really interesting as it is very slim and has integrated GPS as well as an FM Radio. …


T-Mobile in the US have released the T-Mobile Dash device which is the HTC Excalibur! You can check out more details HERE

Read and ring

In talking with many customers they are always skeptical if a Windows Mobile Smartphone will be a useful device for email access.  Everyone seems to obsess abut the fact that an email device needs to have a keyboard.  What I’ve witnessed though is that even when people have a keyboard they tend to only send…


Happy 4th birthday to Windows Mobile Smartphone!

I was off yesterday however Sunday was the 4th Birthday of Smartphone! The original Smartphone was launched way back in 2002 on October 22nd! That device was the original Orange SPV! How far things have come since then!  With new devices hitting the market almost every week (or day on some occasions) the Windows Mobile…


Mobile and embedded devcon presentations available for download!

If you couldn’t attend MEDC earlier this year then you may want to take a look at the content that has been made available for download.  If you download the entire event content it’s 6GB however you can pick and choose which tracks you want to download from:   Application Development:These sessions focus on developing…



OK so I didn’t make the Top 50 (nor did I expect to) but there is a great post on PRBlogger about the research they’ve been doing on the influence of blogs. It’s certainly a good insight into the UK Blogosphere. You can read the PR Blogger article HERE

320×240 Smartphone home screens

If you’ve just picked up a new 320×240 Smartphone and are looking for some more interesting Homescreens – check out these that are available from HERE They have been designed with the Samsung i320 but should work on any 320×240 Smartphone  



Is anyone aware of a solution to allow you to take a picture of a business card and then import the details into your contacts? I’ve seen a solution for Symbian but haven’t been able to track something down for Windows Mobile…. anyone know of such a solution?  Can you drop me an email or…


HTC P3300 (Artemis) Review

  A review of the HTC P3300 or Artemis device has been written HERE The P3300 is a really interesting device as it’s thinner and lighter than the much loved i-mate JAM or Magician device as it was codenamed.  With it’s integrated GPS it’s going to be very popular I believe. One of my colleagues…