LIVEPVR For WINDOWS MOBILE 5 – record phone calls and meeting notes

This is a very cool application and one I'm finding infinitely useful!!!

Basically LivePVR allows you to do a couple of cool things...

Firstly you can record your phone calls!  You can set it to record all phone calls or just the next call. 

Secondly you can use it to take meeting notes..  Essentially you start it at the beginning of a meeting….rolling buffer starts….you hit a button every time someone makes a good point worth remembering. It grabs the previous x amount of time, and the next x amount of time…and saves it as a clip….and continues.

You can then sync them back to OneNote 🙂

I'm sure it'll be great fun answering your phone with ' this call may be recorded for training or quality control purposes '

You can get more details of the application HERE

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