I have to apologise that my blog was a little quiet last week.  It was caused by two reasons:

1) It's generally quiet right now as many people take leave for the summer.

2) I was out at our Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) conference which is the time where we align for our new financial year and celebrate the success of the previous year.

MGX is attended by around 15,000 Microsoft people and this year we descended on Orlando. 

The reason I was quiet was I had to focus on my two main deliverables for the event.  Firstly I had to deliver with two colleagues our Competitive session in the Mobile industry and secondly I presented as part of our Divisions keynote presentation.  Each division gets 1hr to present to the entire audience (15,000) and our Mobile and Embedded Division presented celebrating our huge success in our previous financial year. 

I had to present some of the new devices and solutions we are working on in Microsoft.  It was really exciting to present to such a massive audience.  Luckily I don't suffer from nerves too much as the demos I delivered were all shown on the massive screens using a HD camera rather than a visualiser so I had to hold the devices in my hand! 

This coming year for our division should be even more exciting as we see the arrival of some amazing new devices such as the Samsung range, GSM Palm Treo and a huge portfolio of other devices I'm not allowed to talk about from our OEM partners 🙂


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