Asus P525 Review

This is a really interesting device for those of you who love Pocket PC but want a phone keypad... (which is one of the biggest criticisms I hear from Phone lovers)

The Asus P525 is reviewed on the mobinaute site (in French) however the screen shots show what is a really good looking device which also has integrated WiFi!

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  1. Keith Elder says:

    It’s an OK looking device.  Reminds me of a blackberry with the way the keys look.

  2. Did not Asus release a P500 a while back that was only released in asia because they had to many small problems (like speaker, battery, screen)  ?

    When then company I work at was looking for a new Windows Mobile standard phone I was very intressted just because of the keypad. But then I got a hold of a person who had bought one in Asia, and he said that the phone was to bad as a phone he couldn’t really use it.

    But that was back in the WindowsMobile2003 says, and it seems like this is WM5 so this might be a VERY intressting device.

    Especially now when the Sony Ericsson P990 is comming out.

  3. Rem says:

    I can’t wait for this to be released in the UK.

    A touchscreen PDA with numeric keypad has been long overdue.

    I don’t understand why manufacturers thought QWERTY was the only type of keyboard people wanted to use – totally ignoring the simplicity of T-9 predictive text (which every other mobile phone user uses for text and emails).

    The P990 offers both – though qwerty is very small, and the flip is too breakable.

    This phone specs out beautifully – including the thought which has gone into raising the buttons around the joystick (although I’ll leave judgement on whether I’d have prefered a D-pad when I get it)

    With WM5 now supporting Push-email, I don’t see Blackberry’s appeal lasting much longer – WMPhones outspec pretty much everything Blackberry’s can do – plus add so much more expandability

    Hurry up Asus.

  4. Hebrert Lunn says:

    It’s already out in HK and a friend show it to me after he bought one.  I was immediately impressed with the PDA + keypad combination.  After a week he reported no major complaints about it, although the speaker volume is a little weak, and the battery can last only one day.  (Apparently speaker volume can be fixed by ROM upgrade…?)  Otherwise, built quality is high and it’s comfortable to use.

    Interesting many of the comments here noticed its likeness to a Blackberry, which led to my biggest disappointment regarding this product.  Clearly Asus have positioned the P525 to be a business device (push email, business card optical recognition…).  But to not offer a QWERTY keyboard seems a difficult trade-off for those of us who needs it as a business tool.  Why couldn’t they offer a reduced key configuration similar to Blackberry’s suretype or Sony Ericsson’s M600i?  But I agree with previous comments about the appeal of this form factor, and if they can get this resolved in a mid-product upgrade, Blackberry’s days will truly be numbered.

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