Mobile Client Software Factory released

Yesterday we announced the release of the Mobile Client Software Factory.

The Mobile Client Software Factory provides integrated guidance to help architects and developers create line-of-business Windows Mobile applications that interact with back-end systems over networks such as WiFi and GPRS that might be occasionally available.

A mobile smart client line-of-business application has one or more of the following characteristics:

•         It has a rich user interface that takes advantage of the power of the Windows Mobile 5.0 device.
•         It might use a gateway server and the most cost effective underlying network technology to connect to and exchange data with multiple back-end systems.
•         It takes advantage of local caching and processing to enable operation during periods of no network connectivity or intermittent network connectivity.
•         It is easily deployed and configured.
•         It helps to keep local, potentially confidential information secure

The Mobile Client Software Factory contains the following assets:
•  Architecture documentation, including How-Tos, patterns, etc.
• Reference implementation: The reference implementation is an executable sample application that demonstrates the mobile client guidance in action.
•         Guidance package: The Mobile Client Guidance Package automates development activities that developers would usually have to manually perform frequently by following a series of instructions.
•         Application Blocks:
The application blocks in the Mobile Client SF are:
•         A set of Mobile Application Blocks designed specifically to help you build mobile applications
•         The Mobile CAB and Mobile Object Builder blocks that provide the core features for creating object instances, and instantiating services in a container model.
To minimize the memory footprint on the mobile device, the Mobile Client SF exposes these features as separate application blocks that you can use in any combination you require. The application blocks provided with the Mobile Client SF are:
•         The Orientation Aware Control Block, which implements a control that allows you to design your user interfaces to suit different screen orientations, form factors and resolutions, and culture/localization settings of different devices. 
•         The Configuration Block, which provides comprehensive features for managing application configuration, including encrypted configuration, on a mobile device
•         The Connection Monitor Block, which monitors and exposes connections between the device and networks and services it uses.
•         The Data Access Block, which provides features to simplify data access code requirements when using the SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition database
•         The Data Subscription Block, which provides services that simplify setting up and executing SQL Mobile replication subscriptions.
•         The Disconnected Service Agent Block, which provides features for storing offline Web Service requests, and executing them when connectivity is available
•         The Endpoint Catalog Block, which stores and exposes physical address and associated details (including credentials) for remote services to which the device can connect from configuration.
•         The Password Authentication Block, which provides the features required to authenticate users manage encryption and secure storage for data

This is a fantastic resource if you are building applications for Windows Mobile and truly shows the potential for Windows Mobile devices.

Download it from:

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