Vista Demos! What’s Hot – What’s Not?

It's our Microsoft Internal Conference this week and I've been picked to deliver a Vista Demo.... in a demo shootout! I'm planning to focus mainly on integration with Mobile Devices but thought I'd use my blog to ask all of you.. if you've tested Vista Beta 2... what are the coolest features and demos....

Feel free to post a comment 🙂 

I need your help!      

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  1. DanielMoth says:

    No matter what you demo, you just have to do the Flip3d (whilst a video is playing) as it *always* gets a reaction 🙂

    Something to tie up with WM would be a Sidebar gadget showing some kind of device status (via WMDC)…

    Sideshow on a Windows Mobile would go down well… e.g. controlling powerpoint from the device via the sideshow infrastructure.

    On your WM device make sure you have the Vista skin…

    If you are thinking mobility at large (not just WM devices), get the Windows Vista Product Guide doc and start at page 100.

    (and if my tips help you win the demo shootout, I’ll be around to get a pint in reward 🙂

  2. Guy Gregory says:

    The North Face demo that was shown at the PDC was a pretty slick. It’s the best example of the new Windows Presentation Foundation that I’ve seen.

    I don’t think it’s been made publicly available, but then I’m sure you know people who know people… 😉

  3. I was impressed by two small things:

    – you can now see the used and total space on the main memory and storage card

    – after you have taken photos/videos, and connect the Smartphone, the Mobile Device Center detects them and prompts you to import them, even tag them 🙂

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