Manchester Technet Event Q&A

At our recent Technet Event in Manchester we asked customers to submit questions via SMS.  Some of them we ran out of time to answer so I offered to answer them and submit to my blog…

For those that attended – remember to complete the feedback form when you get the email 🙂

Q. Ref the exchange server front end/back end setup is this the same version of exchange 2003 or is the front end enterprise edition ? 
A. Yes it is – you just need to ensure the Front End is running Service Pack 2
Q. Are LCS licenses per user or per device? If you had license for use on desktop, would you need additional license for win mobile device?
A. If you have a CAL for Live Communication Server then the Mobile client is at no extra cost – 
Q. Is it possible 2 deploy active sync 2 pc where user is not an admin using sms & pc may have older active sync
A. Yes – Activesync 4.0 allows this.
Q. Does ms have sms server support
A. Yes we do – it’s the Device Management Feature Pack – 
Q. Do u require any CAL’s/mailboxes 4 the front end server.
A. No you do not.
Q. Will microsoft produce ‘mobile GP’ for the mobile 5 enviroment via AD 
A. Maybe in the future …. Today – try 
Q. Are microsoft going to add any mobile functionality like group policy to mobile 5 so menus and tools are restricted
A. Try Trust Digital or Credant who have solutions for this today!
Q. Can the email sync support encrypted email
A. Yes – we have support for S/MIME
Q. I can build pda applications which are flexible enough to be upgraded remotely but what features are there in windows mobile 5 to upgrade or patch it?
A. In Windows Mobile 5 – we have a feature called Image Update which can provide the ability to update the ROM on the device without affecting apps or data
Q. If u have a tablet can u use activesync4 and a 3g card to get push mail?
A. Yes – but you use RPC/HTTP not Activesync 
Q. Can you download your signature block from your outlook – I have had to rewrite mine on this device
A. No there isn’t I’m afraid 🙁


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  1. At our recent Technet event we committed to answer all the Questions in the Q&A.

    The one’s we ran…

  2. irblinx says:

    Seems like a shorter list than the one you had up on the day Jason, are we going to get all the questions answered?

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    We answered all the others during the Q&A session at the event so I’ve only answered the one’s that were left…

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