O2 release AKU2 and Direct Push for the XDA Exec

O2 have released the update to the XDA Exec device which is available now here:


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  1. ExchangeIS says:

    As reported on Jason Langridge’s weblog here  O2 have released an update for the O2 Exec which includes…

  2. Mehran Nikoo says:

    Hi Jason,

    Can you please recommend few services that provide personal hosted exchange with direct push? I have heard about 4smartphone.net but wondering whether there are any other options (maybe the mobile operators?)

    I understand Microsoft UK is providing a hosted exchange service to the partners, I wish this applied to personal accounts too. I would happily pay for such service provided by Microsoft. (We are using Exchange 2003 in our company but I think we don’t have the service pack to get the push email – I am sure many other companies are the same…)

    I understand providing services to individuals may not be as profitable but it will help in adoption of Windows Mobile.

  3. exchange says:

    As reported on Jason Langridge’s weblog here O2 have released an update for the O2 Exec which includes

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