Latest Devices with MSFP (either in ROM or via updates)

I've been collating a list of devices that MSFP available for my presentation at MEDC in May.   Below is my current list - let me know if you are aware of others I've missed.....

  SPV M5000
  SPV C600
  SPV M600 – in ROM by default!

  O2 XDA Mini S

  Sprint PPC 6700

  i-mate  all updates via
  SP5 and SP5m

  QTEK all updates via

  Symbol MC70 – in ROM
  Gigabye – G-Smart – in ROM

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  1. galego says:

    Another i-mate device has the MSFP update (at least by FTP)avaiable: JasMin.

  2. Jason A says:

    Palm had a press release regarding MSFP for the Treo 700w — its do to release later this month.

  3. Gremlin says:

    Orange m3000 is available in french i believe.

  4. By now, you should all already know that Exchange Server 2003 SP2 DirectPush is only available to devices…

  5. Jon P says:

    Brilliant, tried to find out a few days ago re Orange AKU2 phones,  as commented in other posts with miserable success…this is great and very helpful.

    I suspect maintaining an ongoing page showing latest telco-aku2 available phones would currently be incredibly helpful for folks while there is still this confusing grey crossover period (which the telcos have been and continue to be crap to remedy based on the lack of knowledge of their call centre staff, IMHO!!)

    Keep up the good work, just off to happily try a SPV M600!! 🙂

  6. I was asked several times at the roadshow the other day about how to get direct push mails down to your…

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