O2 release Direct Push and AKU2 for XDA Mini S

O2 have released the update which allows your XDA Mini S device to get Direct Push email from Exchange Server 2003 Sp2!

The update is available for download from here:


It includes the following updates:

New and changed in this version of software, v2.21.4.101 are:

Microsoft AKU 2 (Adaptation Kit Update) featuring:

Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP)* allowing Direct Push Email, Wireless Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Global Address List (GAL) Lookup and Security Policies.

* Requires organisations to be running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and SP2. Please contact your company IT Manager to confirm your infrastructure and for assistance with setting up your device for direct push email.

Updated Comm Manager, providing new buttons for controlling Direct Push Mail and active Data connections.
Updated Radio v02.07.10
Updated O2 Active UI

This software is for Xda Mini S in UK and Ireland.


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  1. Jon says:

    Hi, had a fairly good look through previous months posts but just saw this and wondered if you were aware of any telco’s now providing AKU 2 phones yet, type and which telco??? (other than O2)

    Just spoke to Orange and T Mobile, what a waste of time, it still staggers me that such a massive corporate feature (push email)and their staff are still totally ignorant about it and there appears to be absolutely no internal literature for them!! Everyone said qtr1 but I think they got the year wrong 😉

    I noted a couple of folks mentioning about T mobiles possibly imminent MDA Vario II (replacement for HTC Wizard), and I spoke to Orange about SPV M600 (HTC Prophet) but am none the wiser as to AKU2 builds etc.  Any news or info greatly appreciated.

  2. Neill says:

    I am also getting increasingly frustrated with network operators with regards to their inability to understand Push Email.  All I want is for them to have read the same press releases that I have!

    Anyway, great to hear that O2 have released the update, but having spoken to them today, they do not appear to have any tariffs to go along with it.  I was just told that email traffic would be billed as standard GPRS at 2.35 a meg.  Surely they must have something in the pipeline to compete with the email tariffs from Vodafone & Orange.  Does anyone know for sure??

  3. Tim says:

    Have just sucessfully installed AKU2 on my XDA Mini S. Still having a few teathing problems with Remote Wipe but otherwise very good! One observation though  – my deleted items with Oulook Email on the XDA claims 99999! deleted items despite being empty!

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