Macs Run Windows Too! – Bootcamp

I know my blog is dedicated to Windows Mobile however I was intrigued to see last week that Apple released Bootcamp to provide the ability for an Intel based Mac to run Windows XP!

I've always liked the form of the Apple laptops however working for Microsoft I do love Windows XP 🙂  (and Vista 🙂 )

It raises an interesting question for manufacturers who make their revenue from selling hardware.... we've already seen a Palm Windows Mobile device.... who's next 😉


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  1. Zak says:

    "who’s next ;)"

    Answer: I´m sad to say, nobody, and that has halted the mobile platform too long, so much so that telephones (perhaps should say telephone manifacturers) are going to run the show in a short time

    But I will switch to any Mobile OS (soon symbian) that has the following:

    – BT that has services actually working

    – better sync

    I just so frustrated that I put as much money on a product that by the specs promise much but in reality delivers so little, and the answer is: it´s not our fault!

    Well if not, then perhaps software developers should put quality demands on hardware makers before they sell their products, like Ferrari: not selling new cars to everybody who can afford one.

    I also would like the people designing computer software that not everybody has the luxury of "playing around" and waiting for better products, things cost money, and nobody likes to be suckerd out of money.

    Localisation on the OS: how hard is it to make a software keybord for other languages than English (at the moment I have to BUY one!!!)

    Dont get me wrong I am not a MS hater, I want the best product and that requires real competition, take a look at what is happening on the browser sceene…

    But credit where it is due: This blog is in a way the only way for me to feel that I can give feedback, because nothing at Dell or MS seems to happen, and this is all Jasons doing, so in conclusion thanks, please keep up your intresting blog!  

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