Orange launch flat-rate pricing for Windows Mobile Direct Push!

Details of Orange's tarriffing for Direct push are now available on their website!

There are a series of different tarriff's available with fair use policy on each of them!

  Microsoft® Standard Microsoft® Extra Microsoft® Max Mobile Modem
usage basic basic + occasional attachment downloads heavy users use your phone for email and as a modem
  Business Plus 200 60 emails a day + 1or 2 attachment downloads per week 200 emails a day + 4 downloads a day all the data for your phone and laptop
data top-up per month £6.50 £12.00 £25.00 £55.00
data only £10 per month, per connection

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  1. Amjad says:

    Notsure as yet if I like this.  The simply matter here is that with using the Push Technology, you are using GPRS data. With T-mobile out with £7.50 for unlimited, this blows away Orange’s new Tarriff structure.  Also with the new T-Mobile MDA Vario II out soon, this looks like the choice for me, so I guess it will be time for me to port my Orange number to T-mobile.  That said, we still have a few weeks until the Vario II comes out, by then you never know, there might be another new phone that changes my mind again.

    I was interested in the M600, but so far Orange have only released this for business users and are being far too slow to release for personal users.

    As for O2, they are still fast asleep and have yet to release AKU2 updates. What concerns me is that I see O2 phone adverts around London relating to the new Push Technology and, as yet they have not released the update :0(

  2. Leigh says:

    Be careful with T-Mobile, I heard that their Internet access is Garden Fenced (I think that is the right term) In other words all addresses on the net miught not be available. Therefore if your Exchange server is outside the ‘fence’ you may never be able to Sync…

    Best check that’s all I’m saying.


  3. MartinC says:

    no problems here with T-Mobile and syncing to my Exchange frontend server.

    think its only "garden fenced" as you call it from porn sites and similar.

  4. Pete M says:

    It’s a bit confusing – what kind of usage is ‘Business Plus 200’?! Also, whats the Data Only row about?

    They don’t like giving too many details away do they…

    But yeah, sux to be with Orange stuck in a contract (and classes as an animal) when t-mobile has a great offer. Paying loads to get my DirectPush e-mail – doesn’t seem Orange will have anything coming for phone not on business tariffs 🙁

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