Making Registry changes on the Orange C600 and other Windows Mobile devices

One of my customers needed to add a HOST to the HOSTS entry on their Smartphone to facilitate testing.

The big challenge was that on the device they had (Orange C600) the PHM Registry Editor I typically use wouldn't install 🙁

So to resolve this I MSN Searched for any article and found a great one by Paul at Modaco that highlighted the following Mobile Registry Editor.

It allows you to change the registry of your device from your PC.

It needs .NET Framework 1.1 on your PC but worked like a dream 🙂

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  1. San says:

    Are you sure you MSN searched and not google 🙂 ?

  2. Ryan David says:

    The Resco Registry Editor is also really nice, it has a small footprint, and works great on my Cingular 8125 (WM5.0).  It’s not free, but well worth the cash.

  3. Ben Winzenz says:

    I’ve had problems with PHM Registry editor installing correctly.  With my Jasjar, I had to install it on my PC (which extracts all the cab files), then I had to copy the cab files to my WM device and try and install each one until I found the one that would work.  Perhaps this would have been the case here?  I definitely like PHM Regedit better than the others I have tried, so the install pain was worth it to me.

  4. Visual Studio 2005, comes with an inbuilt remote registry editor for all windows mobile devices.

    If you look at the visual studio 2005 group on your start menu, it is under remote tools.

    It works really well for any active-sync connected device.

  5. Dave Caddick says:

    Hi Jason, <BR>

    Does this still work after applying the MSFP/AKU2 Update? <BR>


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