Program Memory/Storage Memory in Windows Mobile 5.0

One of our partners asked me yesterday - In Windows Mobile 2003 you had the slider bar to select how much memory was Program Memory and how much was Storage Memory... Can you do that in Windows Mobile 5.0?

Unfortunately you can't change it anymore. The reason you could in the past was that both the storage and the program memory were in RAM.  The slider was just partitioning the RAM between those two places.

Now they are in different physical media. Storage is in Flash ROM and Program Memory is in RAM. There's no good way to use ROM as RAM, so there's no longer a way to change the partitioning on the fly.

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  1. Surur says:

    Most of us understand this, but still desire more memory. In the past this was possible through RAM upgrades (e.g. upgrading the Imate jam to 128MB). With WM5 this has not been possible so far.  PPCTechs tried this with the 32MB Treo 700w, but even after adding in a 64MB SDRAM chip only 32MB was visible to the system. I believe this is due to the partitioning information being hard-coded in the ROM, which would essentially mean that the ROM would need to be modified to make this ram visible.  I understand this involved just changing 2 bytes in the ROM image.

    There are 1000’s of people with Treo 700w’s who would love to upgrade the ram (at their own risk of course). Could you provide us with some more information on the schema of how the ram is specified, and which areas may need to be changed.  I’m sure there are plenty of hackers who would be able to use this information to make their devices work better.


  2. Michel Ehrlich says:

    This is not directly in this thread, but related. It’s about storage card useage.

    Of all the things that WM 5.0 AKU2 is good for, real-time mobile Exchange is the one that matters most. It’s not only the one that will matter most to most USERS of WM devices (who will mostly be business users, apart from a few amateur geeks), and it’s not only the one that will matter most to most companies who choose use the platform; it’s also the one that will matter most to Microsoft as Microsoft seeks market share in the handset space (first from unused market share, then from Blackberry).

    Given this, I am surprised that there is no user interface way to tell the device to store all Outlook content (e-mails, e-mail attachments, Contacts, Calendar items, etc.) on the storage card. It’s all the more surprising given that there is such an interface for telling it where to put pictures. Yes, pictures are bigger (on an individual basis) but people who make serious use of mobile exchange are going to need space, and that’s what the storage card will be important to them for. The camera (particularly in devices where it is still only about a megapixel, i.e. poor quality photos) is just not an important app.

    There ARE registry tweaks to put at least the e-mails and their attachments on the storage card, but should we (we, users/administrators of WM devices) really have to hassle around with registry tweaks for something this important? Registry tweaks are for amateur geeks with time on their hands, not for serious business users.

    This would be a momentous improvement if included in any future versions of WM 5.0 (or subsequent WM…)

    While I’m in feed-back-to-Microsoft mode, I would note that we have not yet really arrived at wireless Outlook. Direct Push is nice, but it is still not possible to:

    – access Public Folders

    – send Calendar invitations

    – look at someone else’s Calendar (or other Mailbox folder)

    MS has in fact posted a little utility for helping with the last two points there, but it doesn’t work on my device (an i-mate SP5) and is provided "as is", not supported, so in my book it doesn’t really count.

    Again: WM is, as of 5.0 AKU2, a very nice operating system. I don’t even need to think about Symbian, Palm, or Blackberry anymore, and that is a wonderful thing. But let’s not lose sight of who the market really is. Internet Explorer is all very nice, Windows Media is all very nice, Camera is all very nice, but these things are, when it comes right down to it, bells and whistles. What REALLY matters is Outlook. Let’s hope future versions continue to expand the capabilities of Outlook on mobile devices!

  3. BigJimInDC says:

    For what it’s worth, I couldn’t agree more with Michel.  "Unlimited" contacts and real-time access to corporate email hosted by Exchange are the #’s 1 and 2 reasons I bought into the WM platform, as this is nearly no other competitor in this space.  MS please keep that in mind…

  4. Chucky Egg says:

    I disagree (to some extent) with Michel

    Firstly, by moving the Outlook data to the card you lose the option to wipe it when you do a remote wipe.  Now it could be said that MS should have included card wiping (I’ve said it in fact), but the potential for that card to be removed and all your contacts, emails, diary etc to be exposed to the world… it’s not a great option if you ask me.

    Secondly, as an amateur "amateur geek" myself, I’d say <raspberry>

    If you know what you’re doing you can quite easily put tweaks in a CAB file and deploy them instantly.

    If you’re prepared to learn something then you can get more from your device, and whilst Outlook is a crucial app it’s only given such prominence because the users haven’t been shown just how much their "phone" can do.

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