Orange M600 now available!

The Orange M600 is now available.  Essentially it's an updated M500 or HTC Prophet device with Windows Mobile 5.0, Wifi and a 2 megapixel camera!

SPV M600

You can find more details at:


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  1. Amjad says:

    Cool !

    Thanks for that, they told me release date was 27th April… :0(

    Just need to check when my contract is due for upgrade now :0)

    I prefer this phone to the original choice I had of the mini XDA, although no keyboard, the processor on this is a lot faster.

  2. gully says:

    Ive been a member will orange for the past 7 years. I use to have 2 lines with them until the way they treated me when I went to upgrad on the Spvm500. I cancelled a line that i had for 5 years ( everyday 50). Now I Would like to try and get my hands on the M600. They keep telling me that I need to have a business to have the M500 I worry that they will say the same thing about the M600.

    I just wanted to know that can I take some sort of action to get the phone that I want Please it would be help Thanks gully

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