Imate Jammin upgrade to AKU 2.0 ?

One of my colleagues spotted that the Imate Jammin upgrade to AKU 2.0 seems to have crept onto the imate FTP site...

You can download it direct from here:

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  1. JCnME says:

    Has Anyone Tried this yet??

  2. alasdair says:

    trying it now … although I was under the impression that WM5 offered incremental updates, this is 54MBytes of lose all your data full ROM update! I’ll let you know (if I can recover my favourites) 😎

    the C600 was similar a full ROM overwrite to get AKU2 on it I thought the plan was to avoid this ? it’s a massive burden for support teams to recall devices recover and reinstall any user data!

  3. alasdair says:

    in, done and stable for 24 hours ish – seems a little more robust and perhaps a little faster than before although this could be that I  haven’t burdened it with the usual raft of applications I install –

    One problem I tried SPB backup as a strategy for keeping user data but once the device had been upgraded when the backup executable was run it indicated that the backup was not for this device and that I should not proceed so no luck there –

    any ideas anyone for how to maintain user data on the device   over an AKU2 upgrade?

    The additional features work a treat email delivery web to exchange to device in sub 5 seconds not tried remote wipe yet as I have no meaningful data and thus no certificate on my test box

  4. Jonathan says:

    It’s been fine on my JAMin since Monday (thanks for the heads-up Jason), but as far as I can see there’s no A2DP support. I thought that was supposed to be in AKU2. Anyone got any ideas? I was hoping to be able to throw out the supplied headset in favour of a wire-free utopia!

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