WiMax arrives in London

UrbanWiMax has announced services for London for WiMax in the City!


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  1. kgs says:

    That’s great! Will MSFP ‘direct push’ work over WiMax?

  2. David Moore says:

    The current Urban WiMAX rollout is using 802.16d (2004)

    This is a point to multipoint version of WiMAX and is designed to provide an alternate "last mile" solution to copper pairs.

    It carries traffic at layer 2 and can be visualised as an ethernet extension service.  It is being installed to provide small and medium sized businesses in urban areas with a high speed symmetrical alternative to DSL.

    This version of WiMAX will not work with portable devices.  A second standard (known as 802.16e) is under development to achieve this and is to be incorporated in Intel Centrino 2.  I don’t expect to see a mobile WiMAX service in the UK for 2 years or so. However, watch this space!!

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