Windows Mobile pimped my ride!

Hopefully you've seen our Marketing campaign that's hit the UK!

As part of this we had some Mini's customised to be moving advertisements for Windows Mobile.  This is the one I'm currently driving!

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

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  2. Ben Peterman says:

    Where can i get the green theme for windows mobile? my SPV M5000 only has blue or redish?

  3. RickG says:

    That is hot!  I want it.

  4. Ben A. says:

    Aww, Microsoft didn’t spring for the Cooper S?  đź™‚

  5. pocketguru says:

    If the car breaks down do you get a blue windscreen of death

    or is there a ctrl/alt/delete on the dash to restart?

    im only teasing… Hope the livery is an option via BMW, I would buy one (But a cooper S version!)

  6. pauledw says:

    ..and what about battery life on this mini, any good?

  7. irblinx says:

    Very nice, one Windows Mobile device that I hope doesn’t have need for Push …. yeah, I’ll get my coat

  8. Nino.Mobile says:


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  9. Il semble que Microsoft UK ait décidé de mettre les bouchées double pour promouvoir Windows Mobile…

  10. Windows Mobile Pimped my Ride

    As reported by Jason Langridge on his blog, we have some very cool Windows…

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