Activesync 4.1 Troubleshooting Document

In Activesync 4.1 we changed the sync model from a serial type sync to an RNDIS model for synchronisation.  This change whilst very positive for most customers has caused some issues with those companies using Personal Firewalls as the device appears like a network connection talking to your PC.

I've attached a great document that helps resolve those issues as well as gives some great background on the possible security risks enabling this generates.


ActiveSync 4.1 Connection Troubleshooter.doc

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  1. John Gary says:

    Hi Jason.  My IT folks don’t have a lot of interest in getting my Axim to sync with my desktop.  I’m trying to do the troubleshooting, then ask them to make the requried changes.  I went through this doc, hoping to find the solution, but no luck.  The last step talks about bypassing the default LSP handler-I looked in my registry, and my key branch doesn’t go all the way to AllowLSP.  I have other leaves there-Desktop Passthru and Synchronization, but no AllowLSP.  Can I just create it, then set the value described in your document?  Thanks.


  2. Christian Klein says:

    I have lost 2 days messing around with the new ActiveSync 4.1 and Windows Mobile 5. It is totally crazy to release such a crap software after ActiveSync 3.8 worked just fine. I have used 3.8 and Mobile 2003 without any problems but I could not get 4.1 to work for me.

    The first insanity is the stupid firewall settings that are necessary and the second insanity is that it cannot even sync my outlook (I seem to have too much data) while 3.8 worked just fine. I AM VERY ANGRY … I sent my mobile 5 device back and am stepping back to Mobile 2003 and ActiveSync 3.8.

    The problem is that Mobile 2003 crashes very often and the Bluetooth stack is unusable … however I must have the Outlook sync!

    Shame on the developers who developed it and shame on the product managers who released such a piece crap!


  3. Steen Madsen says:

    I could not agree more – it is rather useless and I regret having sold my Qtek 2003SE… It worked.

    Now I am back to using to calenders – one at work and then my PDA – two places to register appointments.

    I foresee the day, where I will make the error of not manually updating one of them…


  4. Saturnous says:

    I wanted to try out syncronizing my Qtek with Mobile 5 per wlan but all descriptions spoke about AS 3.8 so i tried it out and failed.

    For a tryout i tried syncronize with a old exchange and failed.

    I try to deactivate all security stuff on my sandbox and tried there with a fresh installed active sync 4.1 and failed.

    Now i cant delete the ip from the Exchangeserver on my phone because when i delete the entry the "next" button is greyed out.

    How to deactivate sync by exchange?

    I would do a hardreset but how to save all my contacts (where i have no backup). How i could backup by Contacts? (sending them by vcard is also a damn hard way).

    Any Idea why AS wants that the Outlook must be main email application, i have it allready installed (only for copiing my adresses from Evolution and to backup my adresses) it nerves?

    Why it is impossible to Sync with the normal windows addressbook? I had a Sony Erricson before and i had rebooted this phone every 4 months, now i need to reboot it every 4ths day 🙁 and the sync tool was damn easy and can sync with damn more email clients. Is there any plan to support syncing with Evolution or Lotus Notes etc?

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