gets completely overhauled!

If you haven't been to ( lately you are missing out on the huge update that's taken place on the site!

Check it out....   

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  1. v-henlee says:

    oh, yes, it’s cool 😀

  2. Looks nice, but I HATE sites that start playing sound automatically. And there’s no obvious way to turn off the music. Which led me to flee in haste, and decide that I probably won’t be back to that site anytime soon. 🙁

    Sound on web pages is SO 1997 – what happened here?

  3. Gordon says:

    I’m with Josh, at least give us a clear option to turn it off 🙁

  4. Puck says:

    Yes I see they’ve updated the Windows Mobile Site. I see that the MSFP page reads:

    "Device Availability and Upgrades: Devices and upgrades will be available sometime early next calendar year through our major device maker (OEM) and mobile operator partners. "

    Does this mean "early" 2007 now?

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