LCS Mobile Client announced at 3GSM!

Today at 3GSM Steve Ballmer announced the upcoming availability of the Live Communication Server Mobile Client.  This allows access to secure enterprise instant messaging. 

This is my killer application on my device!  I've been running it for some time now and I love it!

It's great to get answers or information quickly from your mobile device. 

Firstly it provides instant messaging but the most important pieces are the integration with Outlook and Calendaring. 

To give you a real example - last week whilst in Redmond we needed to find an alternative speaker for a briefing we were given.  Rather than send emails which may not get answered for several days I went onto LCS Mobile - had a quick IM conversation with our Briefing Co-ordinator.  He suggested a couple of people who were good presenters. 

I then searched for them on LCS Mobile and started an IM conversation with them.  I could see straight away that one of the suggested speakers was Out of the Office till the following week but saw the other possible speaker was online!  He quickly accepted and I sent him the meeting request for the session... all achieved on my mobile device in under 5 minutes!

You can see our press release here:





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