HP Releases update to 6500 devices

HP has recently released a ROM update to the 65xx range of devices. 

Before you ask... no this is not an update to Windows Mobile 5.0 - This update fixes a number of issues such as:

  • Fixes issue where an incorrect Cellular Service Provider Name was displayed after inserting a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) from a different Service Provider.
  • Fixes issue where a blank screen was displayed when a SIM card, which has SIM Tool Kit enabled, is inserted.

  • Fixes issue with 32K SIM card (Swisscom) where Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) commands were not supported.
  • Fixes issue where the connecting ring tone was louder when using a headset to place an outgoing call.

  • Fixes memory leakage issue in the GSM radio firmware that may have contributed to occasional disconnected calls and an inability to place outgoing calls.
  • Fixes issue where user could not disconnect an active SIM Tool Kit call.
  • Fixes issue where some Call Barring Settings could not be activated or deactivated and Call Barring Status could not be read using Supplementary Services strings

  • You can download it from:



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