Ray Ozzie looking foward to getting more Windows Mobile devices

If you don't know who Ray Ozzie is then shame on you 🙂

Ray is the guy who originally created Lotus Notes and then Groove and now works for Microsoft 🙂

His blog of 24th December talks about his views on 2006 and specifically calls out his views on Windows Mobile:

I look forward to using more and more Windows Mobile devices.  Months ago I pulled the plug on my blackberry and went cold turkey to an HTC Typhoon-class device.  A great device that is much more useful for triaging email than I’d imagined, but I really do need a thumb keyboard.  As of last week I’m now using/testing the upcoming Treo 700w, and it’s great!  The pipeline of cool devices about to emerge is stunning, and the software platform incomparable.  Much to look forward to, and many new ideas for Jack as to what we might do with these devices’ capabilities…

Read more at his blog here:



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  1. I have received your feedback through webform Jason. I don’t know your email so I write here.


    Jason, similar article on msmobiles.com was found at blog of Scoble that has 1000000 more readers than yours. Assuming that you are more important than Scoble is funny. Please keep SUBMITTING news BEFORE they appear on msmobiles.com and then you will get credit with your name and link. Otherewise msmobiles.com is not granting credit to news that a) are not original/unique content but just link/reference to other content, b) are not submitted.


    Just use http://msmobiles.com/contactus.php as soon as possible and mention your name and URL and you will get credit. Otherwise not (unless you publish some review or some unique content without links to other sites). Please keep sumbitting, Jason. You are not the ony website and source of stories. No submitting no links no credit.

  2. To be precise: http://msmobiles.com/news.php/4734.html story was inspired by Scoble’s http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/2005/12/26/hey-ray/ . Scoble does very great work for evangalizing of Windows Mobile …

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Yep Robert is a great guy!

    I hadn’t seen his post on Ray’s blog.. thanks for sharing

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