Do you know what really annoys me….

When people find information on your blog and then don't link back to your blog...

One thing I learnt from many bloggers when I first starting blogging was to be very gratious with credit to others...

It's great to drive traffic to everyone's blogs as I've found some really interesting information I'd never have found otherwise!

/Rant off/

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  1. JasonRossi says:

    So many people are leeches, and while they can take the time to take… Its simply not in their nature to give.

    Best Wishes…

  2. Ben Hoffman says:

    I totally agree, but personally I find the majority of people who use information from my blog link back to my original post.

    BTW I think your blog is great, I just found it recently, your posts are very relevant and cutting edge.

    Keep up the good work.



  3. irblinx says:

    Totally agree, and by coincidence I have leeched some news off your site just today, and of course linked straight back over here 🙂

    A lot of sites like to take credit for someone else’s efforts but that’s how we end up with flame wars across sites, very boring and totally non productive. The best sites don’t suffer from jealousy and create a sense of community by actively being part of the greater internet community!!

  4. There are times when leaving a comment on a blog is not apropos. It’s truly a shame that neither your MSDN & TechNet blogs support trackbacks.

  5. linked to your blog many times as you can see here:

    however keep in mind that some stories at come from other sources that your blog, and many people claim "having some story first". In other words: if you don’t have unique information but just link to publically available website and somebody uses that link, you can’t be sure that he/she took that link from your blog and not from elsewhere. Anyway: the only certain way to get credit (and link) for a story that is not unique but just contains link to publically available website – at is to submit it as news through email or web form ( ). If some website has traffic of 20,000-30,000 unique visitors (like does) then obviously several people may think that given story comes from their blog.

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