Windows Mobile Enterprise Resource Kit now available

We recently published the Windows Mobile Enterprise Resource Kit which is designed to:

  • Walk through a demo of Office Outlook Mobile

  • Read information-packed white papers

  • Access security and system management information

  • Read customer success stories

  • View the range of Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone devices, which work with a variety of mobile operators

  • Meet our partners and solution provider

You do have to register to get access but it is a wealth of information. 

To get more details go to :


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  1. Surur says:

    Can you tell me, is there an easy way to lock down WM5 devices so no further apps can be added. I know that there is a security level were no apps can be installed, or oly signed apps, but that seems to be set in ROM by mobile phone operators. Is a tool like that available to the admin of a small company?


  2. A direct link for the Resource Kit can be found here:

    And to answer Surur’s question — I personally of the "SPB Kisok" program for locking down your WM5 devices.

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