First AKU 2 device with Messaging and Security Feature Pack ships! Gigabyte G-Smart

Some sites have been incorrectly claiming there are delays in AKU 2 availability (which is complete nonsense) - to prove there aren't any delays....

Here is the first AKU 2 device - the Gigabyte G-Smart!



AKU 2 contains the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5 which provides the 'Direct Push' email capability.

The Gigabyte G-Smart is shipping in Taiwan and is from a new Windows Mobile OEM Gigabyte - the device is pretty innovative coming with a built-in TV and FM Tuner!

The first of a plethora of AKU 2 devices to hit the market 🙂

There is a great ad on MSN TW -



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  1. bennie says:

    WOW. I thought AKU 2 wasn’t going to be released to OEM’s till next year. YAY.

    Now come on HTC and HP… we’re waiting 🙂

  2. Any idea of this device to be in English?

  3. bennie says:

    I have yet to read anything offial from MS on the visto patent stuff??

    is this only in Taiwan because thats outside the patent zone? Or do Gigabyte just have a faster test to release period than say E-TEN or HTC?

    Would be great to hear offically from microsoft on which OEM’s they have released the MSFP to and when?

  4. Harbourcoat says:

    I think you are mistaken…. on the gigabyte site it says that it is windows mobile 5.0 (no mention of AKU 2) and it is Bluetooth 1.2 (AKU 2 is Bluethooth 2.0…)

  5. Williams_Nest says:

    Hi Harbourcout,

    No mistake – on Gigabyte’s press relase

    it states that users can use A2DP (AKU2) and on the commecial it clearly states that it is "Microsoft Mobile 5.0 (AKU2)".

    Just hoping that Dell will pull out ……. AND GET ON WITH IT!

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