What Devices am I carrying – November edition

I got reminded by a customer that I haven't updated the - what devices am I carrying post for the past couple of months - so it's about time I updated it! Last post I was desperate to get my hands on an HTC Wizard and an i300 - my wishes were granted 🙂


SP5 - I'm now using an Imate SP5 as my main phone - I was using the HTC Wizard but decided to try the SP5 - I had the SP5m for a while but I much prefer the larger numeric buttons on the SP5 as it makes texting/emailing much easier. 

Wizard - I still *love* this device - it's the best compromise between size and functionality - if I only had one device - I'd probably pick this one!

Universal - I'm actually using this a lot - mainly as my 3G data modem but also for the typical Pocket PC Phone capabilities such as email and opening attachments.  I've been using it a lot recently for reviewing Powerpoint presentations ahead of my Exchange 5.5 unplugged and IT Forum presentations.

Samsung i300 - I got loaned one of these by a colleague - it's a GREAT phone - I use it mainly for the combination of music (with it's 3GB hard drive) and just being a really good phone!

Still with me

Samsung Portable Media Center - In the past month I've been in Munich, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona and Milan.  My PMC entertains me whilst I'm travelling as I can watch it on the plane or even plug it into the hotel TV 🙂  


HTC Typhoon with Windows Mobile 5.0 - I've got the SP5 now.

As always - there is also all the other secret stuff that I carry that I can't tell you about... 🙂

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  1. Chris says:

    I do a lot of Powerpoint presentations on the road, and thought that the Universal would be an ideal alternative to the laptop. However, there dont seem to be any solutions for viewing powerpoint presentations from the universal. Any VGA cards seem to be discontinued. Any solutions you know of?

  2. irblinx says:

    Good call, I’ve been waiting for a decent replacement for the Xda II backpacks since we moved on.

    I actually ran the powerpoint presentation to sell Windows Mobile devices to my board rather than going down the RIM route (about 18months ago I think) from my old Xda II to an LCD projector and only revealed the fact at the end (I had my laptop sat idle beside me), deal done on the spot!

    This is the last killer functionality needed once push email arrives. I know that some projectors have SD card slots but the ability to just carry a Universal and plug it into any display would blow people away.

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