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As part of our Exchange 5.5 Unplugged Tour - I thought it'd be fun to show some of the devices that were around in 1997 (when Exchange 5.5 launched) - our first devices didn't really start appearing till 1999 so I've just picked a couple of those.  They seem HUGE compared to today's devices!

The Philips Nino 300 was the first Pocket PC (Palm-sized PC) I had - what a beauty that was - Black and White screen but a 75Mhz Processor!


Compaq_Aero_2100_straight.JPG (11349 bytes)

The first colour device I had was the Compaq Aero 2100 - this baby had a 70Mhz Processor a massive 8MB of memory

The specs are even still on HP's website 🙂 

Haven't we come a long way in the past 5 years!!


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  1. MSDNArchive says:

    My first device was a Philip’s Velo 1 – the Handheld PC, that looks a lot like a Universal! I lived in Ireland at the time, and sent my poor mother who was vacationing in Arizona to every CompUSA and Best Buy until she found one. Poor Mum spent most of her holiday in taxi cabs trying to find stores.

    Then I got the Nino, which I also loved, the Casio E-100, E-105, various iPaqs, the Clio, the HP820, the list goes on and on..

    Eventually I realized it was going to save me a lot of money to come to Microsoft in Redmond, and work in the MED group just so I could play with the new toys.

  2. mohammed says:

    i really miss the Handheld PCs. they were great. not even now are there devices that can replace them.

  3. irblinx says:

    I had an old black & white HP CE device (not dissimilar in design to the Universal!), which at the time seemed unbelievable, (still got a few in the cupboard at work somewhere I think). Every time a new device comes out I’m blown away again by how much they are capable of, some of the games coming out now on the VGA devices are truly astounding.

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