Where did all my Memory go?

I've had the question from a number of people:

"Jason - I bought a Windows Mobile 5 device - XXXXX - it says I have 64MB on the box however when I go into Control Panel - I only have 50MB left...."

Mike Calligaro over on the Windows Mobile team blog wrote this interesting article on where your memory on WM 5 is used ....



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  1. spieri0 says:

    My friend has got the same make phone and i think, because its a windows mobile, that the 14mb that have been taken up are from applications or sample pictures and videos. i think that there is a memory status section in the phone (im not sure where though), have a look at that and it might be able to tell you where that memory has gone.

    another cause is that the memory that they state is always a little bit bigger than what you’ve actually got, but 14mb is a bit too deep.

    hope this helped

    spieri0 (stephan_pieri@hotmail.com)

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