Activesync 4.1 has been released to the Web!

I'm pleased to share that Activesync 4.1 has been released to the Web today.

It resolves a number of issues with Activesync 4.0 where synchronisation would not work if you used personal firewalls or network optimisation clients.

It also adds features for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. 

You'll need Activesync 4.1 for any Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 2 devices as well.  So for any device using the Messaging and Security Feature Pack it'll be a must!






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  1. Another Jason says:

    When will WiFi sync be back?

    I don’t use it but many seems to be missing it.

    And why wasn’t version 4.0 ever released on the web?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Wifi Sync to your desktop PC was removed because of Security concerns from Enterprises – if you want to use it – I’d stay with Activesync 3.x – Wifi Sync to a Server is supported

    v4.0 was released to the web on MSDN as a developer preview – we found some issues during testing and then released 4.1 to address those

  3. Karl says:

    still no help for my MDA-Pro.

    The device does not sync appointments with notes attached. Same with contacts or tasks. Poor WM2005, unusable in business.

    I dont know if AS4.x or WM2005 is guilty, but anyway – its of no use at all without all appointments, notes and contacts in daily use.

  4. Zak says:

    I´m sad to say that AS 4.x is a huge step backwards and perhaps only a small step forward. just "google" and you will see that it causes a lot of problems, safe to say that these issues should have been dealt with earlier.

  5. Another Jason says:

    It’s still strange that version 4.0 was never released officially. I heard that the version supplied with WM5 devices is the "developer preview" version.

    If this is true it sounds like bad quality in software releases. To release developer preview software to consumers and never release a final version… Confusing!

    Apart from this, AS 4.1 works fine for me. In fact all versions of AS have worked fine for me.

  6. MSDNArchive says:

    All – the major issues are really around personal firewalls and optimisation clients – otherwise I haven’t seen many other issues

  7. Andrew says:

    Am I right in thinking that there is no support for ActiveSync WiFi in Windows Mobile 5.0.

    WM 5.0 does not seem to be willing to connect on when I try to use versions of ActiveSync prior to 4.0.

    And WiFi support has been dropped since this.

    How ridiculous is that!

    A big step backwards.

    Or should I be able to get 3.8 to connect to my WM 5.0 device – if so how? 4.1 happily connects on USB, 3.8 just wont.

    Many thanks for help.

  8. Eric K. says:

    I too would certainly like to know how to get ActiveSync 3.8 to work with my WM5 device.

    I don’t use it in the enterprise, so could care less about their security issues. I want to be able to worry about my security issues myself as well as my usability and convenience issues.

    Maybe WiFi sync should be something whose support is controlled by *Policies* rather than simply gutting a program and removing a popular feature for everyone because it’s a problem for a few users. Then the enterprise users could be limited from using WiFi sync by their system administrators and home users would still have the functionality they want.

  9. Frédéric F. says:

    And also: AS 4.1 is will not work on Windows ME…

  10. Mario says:

    Well wathever the intention with ActiveSync 4 was. The fact that 4.1 is still not working properly and my WM5 device still cannot connect through USB is fact. How weird to run TCP over USB anyway. Have to use Bluetooth in order to use some of the functionality and will stay tuned for AS 5.0.

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