IT Forum Day 2

Another great day today although I haven't managed to make (m)any sessions due to the fact I had an 8am chalk talk! (yawn!)

The chalk talk was on Mobile Technology in the Enterprise - myself and Byron Hynes presented it.  Essentially it's really a Q&A session on Mobile.  We covered a lot of ground with some of the usual questions surfacing such as:

1. Why can't I upgrade my xxxxx device to Windows Mobile 5?

2. Why doesn't my operator yet have WM 5 devices?

3. How can we accomodate Secure ID in our Push email solution?

4. Why can't Microsoft provide updates directly to Windows Mobile?

It was a really good session - I really like the interactive discussions.  What does frustrate me though is that in the feedback people put comments like - no PPT, where was the content?   It's a chalk and talk 😉


I then had my Mobile Messaging and LCS session with Windows Mobile which really covered the client side enhancements in Windows Mobile 5, Sp2 and MSFP for Push email and security then finishing on our plans around the Communicator Mobile product which provides Instant Messaging, Presence and other capabilities on Windows Mobile devices.

I demonstrated the Push Email, Policy Setting and Remote Kill with live devices and Server. 

Interestingly - I'd set everyone's expectation that the session would last 45 minutes instead of the 75 we had allotted as I wanted to have time to take lots of questions..... like the previous session - in the feedback someone said - only lasted 50 minutes 😉


All in all a great (busy) day - we've got our big Service Pack 2 for Exchange session in the Auditorium tomorrow which holds a few thousand people! 

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