Guilty of going of topic – XBOX 360

I am a very sad game-a-holic!  I've pretty much had every console and computer gaming device.  From ZX81 to Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum through the Amiga to a PC.  I then had a Super-NES, Sega MegaDrive, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2 and XBOX!

I love XBOX - mainly for XBOX live - particularly the American Football games - I was #1 for sometime on NFL 2k4 but unfortunately lost that due to the fact I had a life, job and (understanding) wife.

The Xbox 360 is going to be amazing - I've been grabbing a few quick games in our Reading office where we have some. 

Even though I work for Microsoft we don't get any deal on getting them cheaper/quicker 🙁 So I'm in the queue like everyone else - hoping it'll arrive as near to launch as possible!!!

The great news is that it looks like many old games will be compatible : 

Plus the launch lineup looks awesome! 

All my favourites there - Madden, Fifa, Project Gotham - Christmas is going to be great!

The other thing that is really superb about XBOX 360 is the fact that you can use it as a media centre extender so I can stream TV, Video, Pictures and music from my Media Center in the lounge to my study!!!

Counting down the days.....

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  1. Dave Caddick says:

    Just so long as the DVD doesn’t have that high pitched squeal that I used to hear from my Brother-in-law’s XBOX, that put me off the original.


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