Infoworld – interesting article on Exchange 2003 SP2

One of my colleagues spotted this article on Infoworld around our Exchange 2003 SP2 solution. 

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  1. Dave Caddick says:

    Hi Jason,

    It’s good to hear about positive experiences about the install of SP2.

    2 Questions, if I may?

    Has there been any real problems relating to the take up of SP2? or has it really been pretty slick?

    I’m aware that you can use Outlook (via MAPI) as a client to connect to Notes and/or other MAPI Compliant Mail systems – would it be at all possible to have an Exchange FrontEnd for a Note Email system? I’m thinking that if this was possible it could help leverage MS’s footprint in to installed Email systems? and make it very simple and easy to get email to PDA’s and smartphones…..



  2. irblinx says:

    The BCC bug mentioned in the article is a touch worrying, did that get fixed before release?

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Dave – let me answer your questions:

    1) The implementation has been pretty straightforward for most customers. For the mobile components you only have to upgrade your front end server and not all back end mailbox servers. There are no schema changes either so it doesn’t have impact on AD.

    2) For accessing Notes – Microsoft natively doesn’t provide a solution – we have partners such as Extended Systems, Intellisync, Commontime and others that can provide that though.

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