ALK announce Co-Pilot 6 – support for Windows Mobile 5 and VGA!

ALK on Friday announced the new release of their excellent Co-Pilot software.

I've been using their software for sometime and it's a superb product!  I even have some of my non-technical friends using Co-Pilot instead of buying one of those other navigation solutions.  The highlights of their release are:

CoPilot Live 6 highlights:

  • Updated, premium street maps from NAVTEQ with enhanced Western Europe coverage and thousands of new and updated Points of Interest. Now also includes limited coverage of Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia
  • 7 digit UK Post Code search
  • New adjustable trip calculation and user profiles to avoid or favour specific road types
  • Simple, intuitive user interface. All Pocket PC functions and options can be accessed via finger-touch menus
  • Enhanced 3D map display with distance-to-turn indicators, scrolling map, and turn arrow that highlights the way ahead.
  • Support for multiple voices and ‘hot-swappable’ voices. Additional voices will be made available as a download.
  • Easier Points of Interest Importing and support for widely available 3rd party formats.
  • Real-time traffic-ready. CoPilot Live 6 supports both TMC and GPRS Traffic information. Traffic availability and cost varies according to region and retailer.
  • Clearer directions through enhanced turn and Motorway exit instructions
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5, VGA screens, Landscape mode and square screens.
  • 1GB Plug and Drive map upgrade cards pre-loaded with complete, seamless European or USA maps available
  • Enhanced Live Tracking and Internet messaging service with simplified set-up. Multi-vehicle tracking and fleet reporting available as an upgrade.
  • Automatic Bluetooth GPS set-up avoids the need for complex configuration.
  • Discounts for existing customer map upgrades and version upgrades

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