Activesync 4.0 issues and Troubleshooting Guide

We today provided some troubleshooting guides for customers who were experiencing any issues when using Activesync 4.0 on their PC.  Essentially in Activesync 4.0 we changed the model to use RNDIS and this 'may' cause issues with some configurations of personal firewalls, parental control and network traffic optimisers.  The guide online gives directives on how to resolve those issues if you are experiencing any:

Anyone seen any of these issues on their device/PC?  (feel free to post a comment)

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  1. Dave Caddick says:

    Hi Jason,

    For my 2cents worth…

    To be perfectly honest, I think the best and most comprehensive place to look for answers when you are troubleshooting ActiveSync issues is Chris De Herrera’s ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide.

  2. dawn says:

    Yeah, I have this issue. Just bought a PDA -1st one ever. Took awhile to find how to download AS 4.0 as it isn’t released on Microsoft’s site yet. Now, it says it’s connecting, but never does. I tried their fixes — I changed the network connection properties as instructed and I’m using Microsoft’s firewall, which allows exceptions for this, so I have no bloody clue what the problem is. Irrated, you bet! Guess I’ll keep tinkering with the problem until something really good or something really bad happens.

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