HTC Wizard Overview/Review – also known as QTEK 9100 and IMate K-JAM


The device that's currently #1 in Expansys Sales chart is the new I-Mate K-JAM


I've been using a variant of the device for about the last week so I thought it was about time I shared my experiences so far.  If there are things I've missed - Feel free to post comments with questions and I'll answer them.  The guys over at have some excellent photos of the device with comparisons to other devices which I'm using in this overview.




Form Factor and Device Build


The Wizard device is in a similar form factor to the I-Mate JAM which was the HTC Magician device.  The Magician has been hugely successful across the globe and is not too much bigger than a traditional phone yet runs the Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system - offering touch screen and a plethora of other capabilities.  The Wizard device is 6mm thicker than the Magician (mainly due to the Keyboard) however it's still a very small device considering all that it offers!  See the photos below for size comparison. 




The major differences from the Magician device are:


Windows Mobile 5.0

Integrated Keyboard

Wifi integrated

1.3 Megapixel camera


The keyboard slides from the device and is wonderful, it's a huge improvement over the HTC Blue Angel keyboard.  I've found myself using the keyboard extensively for IM, Email and browsing the Web.   The keyboard has a very positive feel to it and the keys are much bigger than the Blue Angel so it makes it easy to type on with my big fingers 🙂



The device has a mini SD card slot which seems strange as the device is big enough for an SD Card slot.  This is OK but does limit the range of additional peripherals that can be used in it 🙁


The device overall is an excellent size and is very similar in size to the Nokia 6600. 


Battery Life


I've been using the Wizard since last Thursday as my primary device for email, text, phone calls and web browsing.  I've yet to see the battery low error.  I am charging every night during the week but it lasted over the weekend without a charge.   Battery life is much better than the Magician device which I used to run down every day .... The addition of persistent storage in Windows Mobile 5.0 means I don't care if it does run down as I won't lose anything 🙂


WiFi, Phone & Bluetooth


The Bluetooth and Phone on the device are very reliable.   I've been using a combination of BT Headset (Jabra) and also my cars Bluetooth Car Kit.  One Fantastic point is that it supports Phonebook transfer to my BMW Car Kit! 


WiFi connectivity is excellent and the range seems pretty good in my house.  I've had a couple of issues getting IP addresses from my Router but I think that was my Router - after I gave that a power cycle - everything was fine. 


Skype also seems to work well - the processor in the Wizard is only 200 Mhz so turning off echo cancellation is key. 




So this all sounds very positive .... it is!  I have to say the Wizard is the perfect mix of size and functionality for me.  I love the Universal but it's just too large to be an everyday, all day device.  The Wizard has some compromises (no 3G, no VGA screen) but it's size means you'll carry it everywhere!


The only minor issue I've seen is that with the slower processor (it's 200MHz) high quality video files play a bit slowly....


Otherwise - it's fantastic!!!


The device is available from I-Mate as the K-JAM, QTEK as the 9100 and it's US variant is the PPC 6700 from Sprint.  I'm sure other European operators will follow 🙂

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  1. Frank says:

    Very nice review! Thanks for doing it.

    I am really interested in the reception compared to the Jam, Treo 650 or anything else you have – especially on T-Mobile (1900MHz) and Cingular (850MHz).



  2. Exchguy says:

    Jason is located in the UK, so I’m guessing he won’t be able to let US based users about reception on T-Mobile USA and Cingular unless he travels over to the States. But, a general RF comparison to other devices would be nice to hear about

    Some users in the Howard Forums have commented on the quality of the keyboard slide mechanism, being that it sometimes seems a bit loose. What is your experience with the keyboard slide mechanism?

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    The keyboard slide seems fine – only had it a week or so though. It does lock into place when you extend it and locks when back again so don’t see it as a problem.

  4. Exchguy says:

    Does the Wizard you are testing have the MSFP installed yet? I heard MSFP was going to be carrier or OEM provided Q1 06 but was not sure.

  5. alexis says:

    I have used a Treo 600 for quite a while, and I am in my trial period on a Treo 650. So I need to make a 650 vs. kjam decision in the next day or two.

    What is there that you miss, and what is there new that you like, in the basic apps like calendaring and address book. Does WM5 offer colorized categories for events, with category-filtered view? Onehanded browsing across different views? Does it support thumbnails for contacts? Is it a big nuisance to lookup contacts without onehanded qwerty?

    Right now, what draws me to the kjam is wifi (GPRS is too expensive), wifi+skype, and the hope that on wm5 I won’t need to buy as many thirdparty apps.



  6. MSDNArchive says:

    The Wizard I have does not have MSFP installed – although I’ve just updated it to have it as I have an internal test build

  7. MSDNArchive says:

    Hmmm Treo 650 vs K-JAM – that’s an easy one. K-JAM. Why – The new Mobile Office suite – Word, Excel and Powerpoint, the great Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer. Pocket Outlook is a million times better than VersaMail and as you mention Wifi!

    If you need category view or enhanced filtering – look to Pocket Informant or similar.

  8. MickyP says:

    Iwonder if anyone can help. I am a GP and use my PDA phone for work having a pocket version of our patient database for visits. This database and program take up about 60MB and unfortunately with my i-mate JAM have to run all from an SD Card.

    I must admit with the K-JAM I am a liitle confused about the usage of ROM and SDram. Would I be able to get all database onto device with space to spare for other applications.


  9. Physboy says:

    Is not the keyboard on the K-JAM more effective and ergonomic for messaging, document editing and browsing than Treo 650??

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