The Unwired reviews the Samsung i300 A great in depth review of the Samsung i300 device.  I just got my hands on one of these devices and I have to say it is superbly well built and even though its running Windows Mobile 2003 it’s got some great capabilities including the 3GB hard drive! Check out the review for more…


Motorola Q Video

Cnet.COM has a video overview of the Motorola Q.  Check it out  


Virtual Earth Mobile – new Link

The old link I had to Virtual Earth seems to have gone down so I wanted to post another link… you can download it from here: It’s a useful app (even if right now it only covers North America) 


Your Idea – Our Legs! Great Microsoft Developer Competition with fabulous prizes

Have a cool application idea – for your business, for consumers, for students, for everyone?   Our Developer team have created a great new competition where you can win awesome devices, developer tools and a commercial route to market!  Check out more details at the site – or below! The Microsoft Mobile App Awards Can…


The Notorious B.G.

MTV News has a transcript and video of a conversation he had with 80 – 16 to 24 year olds.  Listen/Read all about it at:  

Forbes – Communication devices of the future

This site – provides some interesting commentary on future communication devices and the changes we could see in the future. The device I would love to see would be a phone (Orange C500 sized) that plugs into a bigget unit to use as a PDA with a larger (VGA) screen that could allow you to…

Infoworld – interesting article on Exchange 2003 SP2 One of my colleagues spotted this article on Infoworld around our Exchange 2003 SP2 solution. 


Orange C600

The guys over at have overviewed the upcoming Orange C600 which has been announced on the Orange France site (haven’t seen it on the UK site yet…) It’s running Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a gorgeous VGA screen!


Exchange 5.5 Unplugged For those of you in the UK we have just this second launched our Exchange 5.5 Unplugged Tour across the UK! You can sign up online via the site above ! If you’re running Exchange 5.5 this is a great opportunity to see how far things have moved on, what the opportunity is and…

Gomadic release Interchangeable tips for Mobile devices – no more multiple cables!

        One of the problems of having lots of devices is that you need to carry lots of different cables.  I’ve managed to get USB Charge and Sync cables for all my devices but it still means carrying lots of cables. Gomadic seems to have come up with a pretty good solution…