iMATE K-JAM now in stock at Expansys

For those of you wanting to get hold of an I-Mate K-Jam - they are now on Expansys and they have (when I last checked) 395 left.



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  1. Physboy says:

    I do not understand, you said that you had purchased and received the Qtek 9100. You then stated that you would be giving a review and answer questions regarding the device. Is the device that bad, that you cannot even comment on the performance and whether or not Skype works on it?

    It seems like this device is obviously not good enough for you to adopt in your everday life.

    To me, that is what you are indicating when you don’t comment on ANY questions that people here are asking.

    Very frustrating.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Physboy – relax my friend – chill out! I’m using it every day – right now – my wife is in labour – about to give birth to our first born so I’m sure you can appreciate my time is devoted elsewhere rather than writing a review. If you have specific questions you want answered – drop me a mail or post a comment and I’ll try and help.

  3. Physboy says:

    My apologies to you then. It’s just that there have been sooooo many people claiming to have the device and then stating that they will give answers to questions, but nothing.

    I offer my congratulations to you and all the best regarding your forthcoming child!

    Whenever you can, I am just interested in knowing about the performance level of the device, stability (regarding how many resets required per day, week, etc..) and how well it works with Skype.

    Thanks in advance, and again my apologies for presumptuously going off.

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Physboy – device stability is good. My device is pre-production so the couple of issues I’ve seen I’d expect. My colleague Steve Clayton from the partner team did post re: Skype – it works fine 🙂

    THe performance is noticeably slower than the JAM but then it’s got 1/2 the processor in it. (in simple terms) – the only time I’ve been affected by the performance was if I was using Windows Media Player to show a video.

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