The Internet and American Football

Today it suddenly struck me what a fantastic thing the Internet really is.... sometimes I think we forget how it's revolutionised our lives!

I'm a huge American Football fan and in years gone by - myself and friends used to crowd round a radio listening to the Armed Forces Network (AFN) to try and listen to some crackly coverage of games! 

Today - I'm watching Live College Football games - streamed to my PC across the Internet - I can choose from at least 20 a week to watch!  I can also stream live Radio coverage from any game directly to my PC.

All this whilst I'm doing all those household chores like paying my bills online, balancing my accounts and buying some household items we need. 

I think we've taken for granted what broadband and the Internet have really provided to us!

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  1. irblinx says:

    I’m not into American football but totally agree about the internet.

    At Home:

    My main PC lives in the lounge at home where it is always handy for those "what else has that guy been in" or "what is her name" moments when watching the TV. All my news reading requirements are served by RSS feeds onto my PPC. I regularly download movie trailers. MSN Music & Napster have overtaken popping to Asda to get a CD as my preferred method of buying music and I can always get hold of up to date mods for any game that I might want to play. etc etc etc

    At Work:

    All research for work is carried out on the internet and we also use the internet to get our emails and files whilst on the road and share files with our suppliers and partners throughout the globe (instead of sending CD’s via courier that take 5 days to reach their destination).etc etc etc

    I honestly don’t think I could live without the internet!

    I liken it to a conversation I had with a relative who was working in Panama for a month a few years ago, he phoned me using his own mobile phone from the hotel balcony and we chatted for a couple of minutes before we realised just how mind blowing this really was. The constant advances of technology are astounding and for those of us old enough to (just) remember black and white telly we really are living in the world of tomorrow!!

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