Wizard… more wizard…

Day 2 with my Wizard and I wanted to respond to some of the questions I've had on email.

Firstly - what device do I have... well it's a QTEK 9100 device - one of the very early devices. 

2nd - Can I load skype - will do - not had a chance yet

3rd - How is performance with the 200Mhz Processor - actually it's pretty good - I've not noticed a slowdown as yet that's obvious but I haven't tried Video yet...

4th - What slot does it have?  - I was suprised - it's a Mini SD slot

5th - What size is the headset adapter - it's 2.5mm

6th - Does it support USB host - No

7th - How long does the battery last - don't know as yet

8th - How much thicker is it than the Jam - about 6mm

9th - When will the device arrive - you'll need to talk with your individual operators - Expansys (by their site) will have them in 10 days

10th - Does it do simultanenous voice and data?  Don't know as yet - haven't had a chance to connect it to a Wifi  network 🙁

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  1. madmonkeyboy says:

    6mm is 2.3 inches!

  2. mixmaven says:

    6mm is .23 inches. 🙂 -mix

  3. Bill says:

    Actually it is a 0.23 inches

  4. Staffan Sevon says:

    actually, that would be 6cm=2.3 inches. 6mm is about 1/4 inch

  5. Physboy says:

    Actually, per conversion calculator:

    6mm = 0.2362204724 inches which is less than, but about a 1/4.

  6. Staffan Sevon says:

    Is it so, in fact that the K-Jam has the exact same measures as the Nokia 6600 (except maybe for one being shaped slightly more like a bar of soap than the other)? And if so isn’t it more likey to be due to an international electronics conspirace than mere chance! ;o)

  7. Physboy says:

    Performance of the device with the 200Mhz processor is muy importante to me. Also, how well the camera takes pics.

  8. leon says:

    Oooh! I’ll waiting for the feedback, i’ve been watching this one for a little while now!

  9. madmonkeyboy says:

    whoops, my bad, i guess i was looking at cm on my ruler

  10. Michael says:

    Hi, jasonlan

    are there any user manual in PDF format?

    would you mind to upload it for us, Thanks

    ps when you want to upload file less than 25Mb

    try http://www.mytempdir.com/

  11. DanITman says:

    Hey Jason,

    What is the version of bluetooth?

  12. Peter Foot says:

    Hi Jason,

    Does it use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack or a third-party one, e.g. Broadcom?


  13. steve says:


    Just loaded Skype on mine and it works a treat 🙂


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