Microsoft re-Org – Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division

The recent announcement by Steve Ballmer has caused me to get lots of email with customers asking whether the re-org impacts our strategy? 

For those who haven't seen it yet Steve announced that our device division will be the new Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division, which combines the current Home and Entertainment Division with the current Mobile and Embedded Devices Division

From the press announcement -

"It will consolidate Microsoft’s industry engagement around devices to deliver even richer and more relevant scenarios for individuals at work, at home and when they’re mobile. It will also bring more focus to the company’s efforts in entertainment and related devices and services. Accordingly, the senior vice president of Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Pieter Knook, will report to Bach"

I just want to reassure customers that I won't be selling music phones and gaming devices... our focus is to satisfy the demands of Mobile Information Workers.  If you look at our recent announcements in the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, Live Communication Server and other products now integrating with Mobile devices - you can see we are very serious about Enterprise!



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