HTC Wizard – Fingers crossed I’m getting mine next week

I don't have a monogamous relationship with my device as I seem to change them fairly frequently 🙂

I'm hoping to pickup my Wizard next week... I loved the form factor of the JAM but could never quite get on with it as a Phone.  I think the Wizard will be an excellent device because the interface with Windows Mobile 5 on that form factor will work so well - particularly the Soft Keys will make the device much better as a phone.

It'll be interesting to see if the additional girth the device has acquired (it's about 6mm thicker than the Jam) will prevent it from being pocketable?

Can't wait!!


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  1. irblinx says:

    You’re just a device floozy!

    I’m currently torn between the Universal & the Samsung, I’ve never used a Smartphone but the Samy does sound excellent whilst the O2 Exec does everything but wash the dishes & seems like a natural replacement for my IIs. Too many great phones, only two ears!

    BTW, just noticed I’ve been commenting on here with two different names, ianb & irblinx, I’ll try & stick to irblinx from now on for consistency with all the other sites I go on!

  2. Karlossus says:

    Did you get hold of your wizard then? I feel the same about the Jam and the Wizard as you. I still use the Jam but only when I’m not likely to do any txt’ing. I think the wizard with wm5 and it’s keyboard should help but will it be too thick and heavy?

    Oh and when is it out…. the 30th seems so far away…. I wonder how long the SP5 is behind that?

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