Illegal copies of Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades on sale at Ebay

Whilst searching Ebay today I noticed that there are lots of illegal copies of Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades for sale.

One example is

I know everyone is desperate to get hold of Windows Mobile 5.0 but I would caution anyone against buying these copies. 

There are a number of reasons why it is really bad:

1) The only route to buy an Upgrade today is through a device manufacturer or mobile operator.  Many have released details of their upgrade plans so please wait for them.

2) The illegal copies being sold on ebay probably won't even work on your device - if the upgrade doesn't complete successfully then you will turn your pride and joy into a £400 paperweight.

3) The illegal ROM builds out there don't have the levels of integration and testing that the official builds will have.  Some things plain won't work or you'll have a really poor device experience.

The people selling this copies on Ebay are just playing on peoples desire to have the latest and greatest - the main culprits seem to be selling upgrades to the XDA 2 device for which there isn't even an upgrade available so I'm really confused/concerned on what you'll get when the CD does arrive 🙂

Don't Buy These Counterfeits

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