The continuing search for what JASJAR means… Did you know what iMate JAM stood for?

The iMate JAM is a wonderful device and has been hugely successful in Europe! 

Interestingly in trying to discover what the new JASJAR acronym meant - I found out what the JAM meant 🙂

Considering that the device looks suspiciously like a certain white music player I presumed Jam was relating to it's music capabilities....

I was wrong....

JAM stands for Jim Andrew Morrisson

Jim Morrison is the CEO and Founder of iMate and prior to that Jim was Head of Mobile Device and Application Development for BT and BT Cellnet Limited (now mmO2) leading 2G, 2.5G and 3G product and application teams.

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  1. Maarten S says:

    Jason, I did some research and found out that JAS means 3G. However, curious as I got more and more, I asked I-mate internally. This is what their CEO answered : "That is a question that every one is asking so at this time I am not saying, just to keep the speculation going". In other words; to be continued…..

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