iPOD and Phones – Samsung i300 – Convergence King?

I was in London today for a series of meetings and venturing onto the Tube for the first time since the London Bombings I couldn't help but notice the number of people carrying Ipods and Phones.  I then had a press interview with a gentlemen who reminded me of the amazing Samsung i300.

This device really is the ultimate converged device for those people who need access to email, calendaring and contact information as well as their music collection as it has an integrated 3GB hard drive!  I managed to get to use one of these at Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference (MEDC) over in Las Vegas in May and it was really superb.

The folks over at Mobile Review have a really in depth review of the Samsung i300 Phone which will be available soon 🙂


The first i300 released in 2001 was a Palm OS device but the new Samsung i300 is a Windows Mobile device that has an integrated 3GB hard drive. 

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