Mobile Technology Reaching Mass Adoption in UK Retail Sector

I participated last week in a series of press briefings around some research that we (Microsoft) did with Martec International to investigate the growth of mobile solutions in Retail.


Whilst in 2004, only 28% of the UKs leading retailers had adopted or planned to adopt mobile technology [1] , less than a year later the Mobility in Retail 2005 Survey reveals that mobile solutions are now being used or are planned for use in-store by 83% of respondents.


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  1. This is very interesting news Jason, as far as I’m concerned it just confirms what I have been thinking since the start of the year. Once the C500 came out, I could see the maturity on the devices was on the way, followed by the news of the ExchSP2 release with push email. Now we’re gearing up internally to test, the only last bit I’m waiting for news on is the MSFP for Mobile 5?


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